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I am an Average Joe with Autism who loves Dragon Ball, Linkin Park, almost anything that is 1990s up to 2009, and I am always interested seeing new Shows/Movies. I am a Gamer & a Fun Critic around here on Newgrounds.

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Having stress & worries can be a pain in the ass when it comes to the Internet, Social Media, TV News, etc. It will be hard to enjoy life because of those things but we can make our lives better by having Fun, hanging with your Family, hanging with Friends, making new Friends in person, and especially going to Concerts/Festivities. If something bad does happen just always remember to be grateful for who & what you have in your life. Unsub from your Favorite Political YouTuber(s), delete/deactivate your Tumblr & Twitter Accounts,unfollow your so-called Friends on PlayStation & Xbox if they annoy n' make you uncomfortable, just be friends with your family on Facebook instead of total strangers, and go workout or get a hobby because it will make your life more Socially Healthy. Just continue watching your Favorite YouTube Entertainer, listen to music on YouTube (or Napster or Rhapsody), continue watching Parodies/Skits on Newgrounds or YouTube, and favorite Fan-Art on the Internet to reduce all that stress because it sure is actually helping me especially talking things out with the people who are close to you.

That's all I have to say, it's okay to have SOME worries & to still have fun on the Internet we just need alot of time away from all the bullshit that doesn't nor shouldn't really effect us. I hope everyone to have Healthy Social Lives & to take good care of yourself, Hakuna Matata.

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