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I am back in action

2016-11-05 00:51:04 by GokuXVLegend

I have uploaded new content on my YouTube Channel and making my channel look better than ever!

Just going to take care of personal business.

Happy, Sad, and More!

2016-08-27 13:30:58 by GokuXVLegend

5272752_147231857982_WhiteRoseKnight.jpgRWBY and Akame Ga Kill were so damn awesome to watch so I made myself a brand new avatar and I like to call it Howaitorōzu [japanese for White Rose on Google Translator] GXVL. I'm sad that a Social Website I use most of the times is going to shutdown or something so I will be making posts here. And since I can't upload my Paint Mod Edits and Posters on the Art Portal I'll just put them as posts. For more content go to my YouTube Channel link on my Profile here.